When matters occurring in the workplace are of a more serious nature investigations are warranted. It is essential that the organisation goes about this in a way that preserves the rights of the individuals as well as the efficacy of the process. A poorly run investigation can lead to claims of workplace harassment as well as jeopardize what otherwise would be a just outcome.

Rigorous, Independent and Fair

On occasions workplaces require an in-depth understanding of ‘what happened’ before proceeding to disciplinary action. As a result of formal training and a legal background Ross McSwan can provide detailed reports including discussion of fact, findings and recommendations for systemic improvements as required.

Our investigations expertise includes:

  • Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Tendering processes
  • Inappropriate use of social media
  • Fraud & Corruption
  • Misuse of authority

Investigation Services

A defective investigation process can lead to a defective decision. Employers often choose to outsource the investigation process. This avoids situations where a conflict of interest may arise or where procedural fairness may be compromised

The expertise provided by Ross McSwan is your insurance against a successful legal challenge by the aggrieved. The outsourcing enables you to give added security to your business when meeting obligations under the Fair Work Act and Work Health and Safety legislation.

What we do

Ross McSwan is responsible for the interviewing and compilation of the report. The reports will contain findings of fact, recommendations for further action including how to manage individuals and undertake systemic improvement.

All interviewees are made aware of their Rights and Obligations prior to the interview.