Conflict, when well managed, is a catalyst for positive change. When mis-managed it produces hostility, stress and financial strains.

Our workshops assist your organisation to meet its duty of care in providing training to your staff and to encourage a culture where constructive conflict rather than destructive conflict is the norm.


Ross McSwan runs a number of interactive workshops designed specifically for workplaces seeking to build a supportive culture. Learning methods include demonstrations by facilitator, role plays, power point and group discussion. These courses vary in length to suit your time and budgets.

Details / Features:

  • Delivered on site
  • Workshop materials provided
  • Lite pro and laptop supplied
  • Skills learned have immediate application in the workplace and other spheres of life

Available courses

Course No Course Title Duration
Course 1 Candid Conversations And Challenging Behaviours Half day or 2 hours for abridged version
Course 2 The Supervisors Role In Managing Challenging Behaviours Four hours
Course 3 Meeting Your Obligations Under The New Bullying Legislation - Fair Work Australia Two Hours
Course 4 Best Practice Investigation Procedures When Complaints Are Lodged Four hours
Course 5 Under Performance And Unacceptable Conduct Two Hours
Course 6 Where do I stand? Hot topics Two Hours
Course 7 Enforcing A Social Media Policy At Your School (Email And Internet Use) Two Hours
Course 8 Desktop Mediation - The Process That Follows Candid Conversations Two Hours
Course 9 Code Of Conduct Training (Qld Public Sector) Two Hours
Course 10 How To Conduct An Investigation And Write An Investigation Report Two Days